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Aussie invention leads to more IVF pregnancies

Posted: 11/05/2019 8:00:00 AM
Attendees at the Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction (ASPIRE) have heard how Genea’s Geri incubation system has led to more IVF pregnancies.

Genea makes IVF more accessible through partnership with Zip

Posted: 30/10/2018 10:45:06 AM
Genea is making IVF more accessible by partnering with Zip Co Limited to offer patients interest free instalments on IVF cycle costs.

Melbourne's Newest Arrival

Posted: 18/03/2018 12:09:39 PM
Melbourne couples struggling to conceive have new hope, with the arrival of world leading fertility group, Genea.

Genea Canberra celebrates 15 years

Posted: 1/12/2017 11:45:18 AM
Genea's Canberra clinic celebrates the conception and birth of more than 1,600 babies as it marks its 15th anniversary.

Australia’s first egg freezing clinic opens its doors

Posted: 23/11/2017 9:53:03 AM
The nation’s first dedicated egg freezing clinic will open its doors today to women who are considering their future fertility options.

Genea Horizon, a sister clinic to Genea Fertility launches in response to the increased uptake of egg preservation treatment and recognition that women wanting to freeze their eggs have different needs to those undertaking IVF for infertility.

IVF breakthrough expected to deliver more babies

Posted: 28/10/2017 9:33:13 AM
More babies are expected to be born in Australia thanks to a breakthrough new IVF offering, exclusive to Genea.

Genea makes Australia’s most innovative companies list

Posted: 19/09/2017 10:02:06 AM
Genea’s commitment to pioneering and developing the fertility sector has been honoured this evening, competing against more than 1,000 organisations to be recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative companies. Genea has been listed in the 2017 Australian Financial Review’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies list, ranked number 25.

Hope for families as MSAC delivers

Posted: 4/08/2017 10:09:07 AM
After a decade of lobbying and in response to a Genea submission, the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) has formally recommended the Federal Government provide funding for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

Australian-first app gives parents-to-be photos of developing embryos

Posted: 1/04/2017 10:08:16 AM
For the first time in Australia and exclusive to Genea fertility clinics, IVF patients will be able to see precious photos and videos of their embryos as they develop in the lab through an app called Grow by Genea®.

Genea and Merck open Fertility Centre of Excellence

Posted: 17/01/2017 10:31:54 AM
Australian fertility group Genea and German science and technology company Merck have today opened The Centre of Excellence for Fertility in Bangkok. The facility has been developed with the goal of creating a global benchmark for fertility treatment by standardising clinic management and laboratory protocols in IVF and therefore increasing success rates for patients worldwide.
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Genea is one of Australia’s leading providers for infertility, IVF and other assisted conception treatment with over 31 years of experience in the field. The company has long been a fertility pioneer, with research and technologies developed in-house virtually doubling IVF success rates in the mid-nineties and continuing to improve outcomes today. In 2018, Genea was listed in the Australian Financial Review’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies List, ranking number 18.

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