Genea sells shareholding of Superior ART

12 February 2020 Position statement:

Genea Limited no longer holds a shareholding of Bangkok clinic, Superior ART. On 24 October 2019, Genea sold its 50 per cent shareholding to other joint venture partners for a sale price of THB1.1billion.

Genea, formally Sydney IVF established Superior ART in 2006 and has since seen the clinic grow to approximately 1,100 OPUs.

CEO of Genea Group, Tomas Stojanov and Scientific Director, Steven McArthur have been board members since 2012. As Directors, they have advised the clinic on corporate direction, introduced Genea’s world leading technology into their laboratories, shared Genea’s protocols and operating models and increased live birth rates dramatically for local patients.

Dr Stojanov said, “over the past 13 years we have grown Superior ART from a new clinic with no patients to one of Asia’s most successful operations. Genea are investigating opportunities to continue to provide fertility services to the region.”
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Meline Walton
Media & Communications Manager

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About Genea
Genea is one of Australia’s leading providers for infertility, IVF and other assisted conception treatment with 33 years of experience in the field. The company has long been a fertility pioneer, with research and technologies developed in-house virtually doubling IVF success rates in the mid-nineties and continuing to improve outcomes today. In July 2018, Genea was the highest ranked healthcare provider named on Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Most Innovative Companies List, ranked number 18.

Genea’s sister company, Genea Biomedx creates and manufactures practical, accessible and precise fertility technologies that help standardise and automate fertility treatment. Its unique relationship with Genea Fertility means that Genea Biomedx is a manufacturer that truly understands the customers’ perspective. As a result, Genea Biomedx has developed the world’s first automated vitrification instrument and has created a world leading benchtop incubator with timelapse functionality.

About Gavi, Geri, Gems and Gidget
  • Gavi – the world’s first automated vitrification instrument; Vitrification is a process used in IVF to preserve human egg cells (oocytes) or embryos by cooling them to deep sub-zero degrees. Approaching the process in an innovative way, Gavi uses an automated, standardized protocol aiming to provide consistent results in blastocyst vitrification.
  • Geri - a benchtop incubator with individually controlled incubation chambers per patient to minimize disruptive events to the early-stage embryo. It also incorporates a camera for continuous monitoring of embryos as they develop.
  • Gems - the latest generation of Genea’s culture media for embryo cultivation.
  • Gidget - an innovative witnessing and tracking system that provides electronic witnessing, lab workflow management and support for traceability and audit reporting.