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MELBOURNE, 18 March 2018: Melbourne couples struggling to conceive have new hope, with the arrival of world leading fertility group, Genea. With more than 30 years of experience and clinics in NSW, ACT and WA, Genea has pioneered fertility treatment, their instruments are sold globally and their approach and personalised care has helped thousands of patients become parents.

Genea Melbourne Fertility Specialist Dr Kate McIlwaine said, “I am thrilled to partner with Genea and give my patients access to Genea’s clinical excellence and science. They have truly led fertility innovation, committed to continually improving technologies to maximise patients’ potential to have a baby.” She added, “Genea’s arrival is significant news for those struggling to conceive, it’s their combination of world leading science and personalised care that contributes to their success.” Dr McIlwaine moves from Monash IVF to partner with Genea.

The figures speak for themselves, eight out of ten patients who started treatment elsewhere wish they came to Genea first^. “Not every clinic is created equal, leading technologies and care play a crucial role in supporting families to have a baby in the least number of stimulated cycles,” says Dr McIlwaine. Genea aims to do one egg and sperm collection per patient and from this one stimulation cycle, create enough good quality embryos for patients to complete their family. "It’s the egg collection, with the hormone injections, day surgery procedure and cost - that is the greatest impost to the woman. In contrast, the subsequent use of frozen embryos is simple, often drug free and not as expensive." At Genea 59% of patients who achieved a live birth and returned for a frozen transfer have had a second child with just one IVF cycle.* “The One Cycle, One Family approach will be welcomed by Melbourne patients desperate for a family.”

At Genea, personalised treatment plans are developed by a patient’s doctor, who then manages all procedures and ongoing treatment. Patients also have access to Genea’s leading Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) and Diagnosis (PGD). PGS and PGD involves testing embryos created in the IVF process for genetic abnormalities. Highly trained and experienced scientists microscopically remove a few cells from the embryo and test the DNA. An embryo without chromosomal abnormalities is then transferred to the woman as part of the normal IVF process or kept frozen for future use. GeneSyte, Genea’s pre-natal screening will also be available to all Melbourne pregnant women and is one of the most accurate available.

In another sign of their leading approach, Genea recently announced an IVF breakthrough, a new version of their Geri culture medium, the vital solutions embryos develop in, when combined with Genea’s Geri incubator, has seen an increase of 46.7% in the number of high grade embryos per cycle when compared to the current, most commonly used incubator and culture medium system**. “The new technologies significantly reduce the need for disturbance during the vital stages of an embryo’s development, leading to- on average- more embryos per IVF attempt,” said Genea’s Scientific Director, Steven McArthur.

“Genea Melbourne patients will also have access to Grow by Genea®, an Australian first app allowing patients 24/7 access to photos and videos of their embryos during the six days they spend growing in a Geri incubator in the embryology lab,” said Mr McArthur. Gavi™, the world’s first automated vitrification instrument will also arrive in Genea Melbourne labs, automating and standardising key stages of the embryo and egg freezing process.

“Geri, Grow, Gavi and Gems are just four recent examples of the innovations that set Genea apart. Genea has always been at the forefront of fertility treatment, I look forward to working with them and bringing joy to Melbourne patients for years to come,” said Dr McIlwaine.

The new clinic will be located in Melbourne’s North East, at Level 7, 10 Martin Street, Heidelberg. Genea are partnering with the Ramsay Warringal Private Hospital for all required day surgery procedures.

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^ Of those patients who responded to the Genea patient survey conducted between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2016 (238 patients)
* 1st Stim Cycle between 01Jan12-31Dec13 (3573 patients). Following subsequent Cryos through to 31Dec15. Autologous patients only (no donor oocytes or surrogates). Sites from Kent St, Liverpool, Canberra, NW, Illawarra. Oocyte Vitrification patients excluded
** Study performed at Genea’s flagship Kent Street, Sydney CBD laboratory. Results were presented at FSA Conference, 2017 in Adelaide.
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