Australia’s first egg freezing clinic opens its doors

The nation’s first dedicated egg freezing clinic will open its doors today to women who are considering their future fertility options.

Genea Horizon, a sister clinic to Genea Fertility launches in response to the increased uptake of egg preservation treatment and recognition that women wanting to freeze their eggs have different needs to those undertaking IVF for infertility.

A Genea Horizon Fertility Specialist said, “Over the past few years, we’ve noticed an increase in the number of women who know they want a family in the future so want to take control of their fertility today.” She adds, “These women want a different environment to our IVF patients. Genea Horizon offers an exclusive service, tailored specifically to their needs.”

The quality and quantity of a woman’s egg supply begins to deteriorate after the age of 30. At the peak of fertility in a woman’s early 20s she has just a 25 per cent chance of getting pregnant naturally each month. As age is a key factor in a woman’s ability to conceive, young women should consider if children are a part of their future sooner rather than later.

“Although egg freezing doesn’t guarantee a baby and is not an insurance policy, our patients want to take control of their fertility, they want to feel empowered. Egg freezing provides many with a sense that they are doing all they can, investing in themselves and ensuring that when they are ready to have children, they are confident they considered all the options available to them at an earlier age,” she said.

Genea Horizon offers some of the most affordable prices in the industry*, whilst also providing patients with access to the leading science Genea is renowned for.

Eggs at Genea Horizon are frozen in Genea’s automated vitrification instrument, Gavi which automates and standardises key stages of the vitrification process, ensuring consistency in egg freezing results, maximising patients’ chance to have a baby in the future. “Utilising leading technology at the time of freezing will give patients more options in the future”. Gavi is exclusive to Genea clinics in Australia but sold internationally.

“We’ve listened to what patients want when they come to us for egg freezing. Often our patients are busy women who want a service that is more simplified, quick, and easy to understand and navigate,” General Manager Kathleen Waite said.

For non-medical egg freezing purposes.

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