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In both men and women a body mass index (BMI) of 18.5-24.9 is considered normal weight. It is recommended couples aim for a BMI of less than 30 before trying to conceive.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, an unhealthy weight (too high or too low) in both men and women can affect fertility whether you are trying naturally or through assisted conception.

It’s recommended that couples aim for a BMI of less than 30 before trying to conceive.

It’s essential that women take folate, it is recommended for its benefits in reducing the risk of neural tube defects. Check Iodine and Vitamin D levels 


Stress can affect ovulation. Consider any strategies that reduce anxiety and help you remain positive.

Exercise is great for the body and an important part of a healthy lifestyle, there is no evidence that you need to reduce normal levels of exercise however 

excessive exercise can have an impact on hormone levels.