Our Patient Fertility Support Group

Group sessions are available for all patients and their partners who are preparing to commence fertility treatment or who are receiving fertility treatment. They are designed to provide a place where you can meet and connect with people who are also going through fertility treatment. The groups are also partly educational in nature in that the facilitator can provide information to assist patients to better prepare for, and cope with, the emotional demands of treatment.
There is an educational component to each session. A topic will be introduced by the facilitation to assist you to better prepare for, and cope with treatment. The topics include:
  • Coping with other people’s pregnancies
  • Mindfulness
  • Preparing for the 2-week wait
  • Improving your relationship through fertility treatment

Sessions and registrations

Dates: Friday 17 September 2021, Friday 15 October 2021, Friday 3 December 2021
Time: 3:00pm to 4:00pm
Where: Zoom (online)

To register please email perth@genea.com.au or contact 08 9389 4200.

There's no charge to patients for attendance. It is essential to book a place for the group session. Zoom login details will be sent to you before the meeting.

If patients feel that they have personal issues to consider or would prefer a more private setting to address their concerns, and / or unable to attend the group session time, then confidential individual counselling sessions are available by appointment. Please call
08 9389 4200 to book an individual appointment.